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Orange Sacral Chakra Monday

When I think of Orange sacral chakra Monday and then opening, embracing, liberating and releasing inhibitions, I always think Jasmine. It makes the process of opening up joyful rather than fearful. It promotes love, sensuality and sexuality, creativity, and living in the moment. Jasmine harmonizes and promotes wholeness. So fill you and your surroundings with the fragrance of Jasmine and feel the embracing flowing love of self.

Sounds —  Miraculous Healing Music for Sacral Chakra —


-This second lowest frequency energy point centered some three fingers width down from your naval relates to reproduction on a physical level, creativity and joy and relationships on an emotional level and our energy and passions on a spiritual level.

The Sacral Chakra influences personal creativity ranging from artistic expression to creative problem solving. Healthy sexual desire and expression is also controlled by the Sacral Chakra.

Intention: What would be you choice intent for this day? Relationships?, Passions?, Creativity? Declare it in a positive forceful manner right from your gut.

Set out your Orange Stone. ( I just received the most beautiful Orange Calcite from Etsy)



Orange Calcite helps integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body, enhances creativity, and is helpful when working with emotional issues. Orange Calcite assist with energizing and cleansing the lower chakras.  Working with Orange Calcite, read that as intentions, can bring higher insights from the upper chakras down into the lower chakras for processing so they can be used in a more instinctual way without needing extended thought.
Meditating with Orange Calcite can bring insights into the causes of apathy or lethargy, allowing one to take back control over one’s life. Orange Calcite’s vital energy can serve as a catalyst for the release of past traumas that have been holding you back, allowing for optimism and joy to come in. Those experiencing depression will benefit from Orange Calcite’s infusion of bright vibrations into the lower chakras.

Yoga:   Low Squat


This low squat focuses on the pelvis and allows you to be open and receptive physically, emotionally, and energetically in order to accept yourself fully.

I accept and forgive myself.

Remind yourself of your intention, inhale the jasmine, repeating the intention, look at the Orange crystal or a picture of an orange crystal and repeat your intention a couple more times. Mine is

Meditate:  Lie or recline in a comfortable position.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath or two or more….
Allow yourself to be aware of your body — do a scan of your body to find any areas of tension. Breathe into them and release them.
As you empty your mind of all other thoughts, feel the fluidity within your body. It reminds you that you are a sensory being – accustomed to feeling, creating and enjoying the juiciness of life.
You feel your body, while externally still, full of potential of the force of life that flows like water in and out of all that surrounds you.
This potential creates a nurturing sensation that cradles you. You are moved by its gentle, rocking flow.
As you are saturated by this feeling of flowing potential, imagine it expanding throughout your body. This is the force behind your creativity and passion. It gives you a warm and fluid sensuality that is attracting on many levels and it fills you with a vibrancy that resonates in all that you do.
In this state, repeat to yourself: “I am a sensory being full of creative potential. I embrace life with passion and enjoy plunging into joy and happiness. My senses are alive, aware and connected.”
Acknowledge that a happy life is one that reinforces positive expression of joy and passion.
When you feel ready, open your eyes and continue to enjoy your day to its fullest being mindful of your intention as you follow your breathe and feel he liquid flow of your creativity.





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