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VioletCrown Chakra


Power Points!
Of our existence

That is kinda what the chakras are like–
data in the form of energy waves directed
-or attracted
by physical similarities

Suddenly there is the picture
as in a power point!

Energy flows in and around our physical and mental bodies and
—like birds of a feather–
Or magic
Or physics
the like waves gather together.

Violet, the highest energy
of the light waves
nests as a crown on our heads
connecting us with the universe.


This violet ball of cosmic energy resonates with the vibrations of musical note ‘B’ or ‘Ti’ on the scale.

For the loveliest of sounds, search for ‘Meditation Music for the crown chakra’ and select one of the offerings to inspire your meditation.

Our sense of oneness and unity is controlled by this chakra and two of the AROMAS for your delight are Rose and Lotus.

A CRYSTAL is amethyst

Crown Chakra Visualization MEDITATION:

Begin your practice seated and bring your hands into prayer (Anjali Mudra) at your heart. Bring your awareness to your pelvic floor and let it rest there until you feel grounded, supported, and relaxed. Then begin to glide your awareness up the front of your spine slowly checking in and resting for a moment on each chakra as you go. Imagine the spine as a stalk or reed and draw your awareness up through the reed. Once you reach to the crown of your head, imagine there at the top of that stalk of energy a luminous white lotus flower. One by one begin to open each petal of the thousand-petaled lotus. Imagine as you open the lotus that your innermost self is merging more and more with the universe. Let this happen in the most natural and beautiful manner. Spend as much time in this visualization meditation as you like.

Set a personal intention –something to do with the oneness of all–for the day and repeat it over and over disallowing any negative thoughts, and being mindful of as many breaths as possible.

Power to you!



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