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#2 Orange Sacral Chakra

The SECOND chakra is the SACRAL, located just below your navel in the pelvic area. Your sexual energy and life force is here. Emotional issues in the area, to name a few, are sexuality, creativity, shame and guilt. The SACRAL vibrates to the concert key of D, Ray on the scale, and is associated with the color ORANGE.  It is found in the testes or ovaries and is associated with sexuality.

DIFFUSE: ESSENTIAL OILS —choose oils that help you enjoy life, creation and pleasure:Ginger Root, Cardamom, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine or Orange. Put a small amount of a carrier oil and a drop or two of the essential oil in your hands and rub together. inhale the scent of the oils for a few deep breaths. Then work in wide circles and rub into day our belly area of the Chakra.  Focus on the  Sacral Chakra receiving the aromatherapy and think of a deep sensual orange color while the oils are massaged in. While you meditate and do yoga, diffuse whichever oil you are choosing to use.

SOUNDS:  Select a ‘Meditation for the Sacral Chakra’ and feel the vibrations deep in your belly. Relish the moments with each breath.

More woo, woo and OH wow and lots of WHOOPEE as well as coiled snakes:

Original undifferentiated energy from creation is often called Akasha in Indian philosophy and in other enlightened circles, it is termed the Secret Fire. This elemental psychic energy is completely instinctual and unconscious and is heavily influenced by spiritual, psychic, and psychological phenomena. One of the major functions of the Secret Fire is to increase human self-awareness. At the lowest level, this is the ego, at its highest, it is the Higher Self, or Universal Energy.


ABOUT that curly snake that keeps appearing:
In the vast majority of humanity, this Secret Fire, or liberating energy of self-consciousness, is said to lie dormant at the base of the spine, coiled like a serpent. By learning to contact the various focal points of energy, what are called the chakras, the person moves her locus of consciousness into the various areas. If the Secret Fire reaches the top of the skull and beyond, spiritual awakening can occur, allowing for a descent and re-ascent of the energy, during which the psychic centers can be awakened, allowing for the manifestation of personal empowerment.
The Secret Fire is directly linked to sexual and creative forces in humans. Sexual desire can act as one of the basic evolutionary impulses, along with Higher Intellectual forces. The dormant capability and need for positive orgasmic experiences is biologically and psychically rooted. Sexual experience within the context of genuine love involves experience of spiritual transcendence, foreshadowing ecstatic union with the One. The “little death” or petite morte of the sexual orgasm, is a forerunner of the “big death” as we let go and experience divine oblivion.


YOGA: Low Squat (Malasana)

This low squat focuses on the pelvis and allows you to be open and receptive physically, emotionally, and energetically in order to accept yourself fully, especially in the area of sexual relationships..


Dancer’s Pose–This yoga pose stretches thighs, groin, and abdomen and improves balance.
Stand in Mountain Pose, Inhale and firmly root your right foot into the ground. Move your weight into the right foot.
Exhale and lift your left heel toward your buttock as you bend your knee.
Reach back with your left hand and grasp your left ankle or your foot.
Raise your right arm up towards the ceiling and hold it there.
Begin to lift your left leg upwards away from the ground and your body. Keep lifting.
As you lift your left leg, tilt your upper body forward.
Hold the posture and feel the energy flowing through your pelvic area.
This is an excellent yoga pose for balance. It requires a great deal of concentration.


2.Child’s Pose,–This is the most powerful pose (have I mentioned that this is my personal favorite and a whole lot easier than #1) to become in touch with your own breathing and with the movement of the air in your abdomen. In this posture, you can let the prana of water to flow and awaken yourself to your inner life as you observe your breath.

Close your eyes and take deep breath
Be aware of your body–do a scan of your body to find any area of tension. Breathe into them and release them
As you empty your mind of all other thoughts, feel the fluidity within your body and be reminded that you are a sensory being feeling, creating and enjoying the juiciness of life.
Feel your body, while you still on the outside, flowing like water on the inside full of potential.
This potential creates a nurturing sensation that cradles you. You are moved by its gentle rocking flow.
As you are saturated by the feeling of orange flowing potential, imagine it flowing through your body. This is the force behind your creativity and passion. It gives you a warm and fluid sensuality that is attractive and fills you with a vibrancy that resonates in all that you do

Repeat: I am a sensory being full of creative potential. “I embrace life with passion, joy and happiness. My senses are alive, well and connected.”

When you feel ready, open your eyes and continue to enjoy your day to its fullest.

All through the day, as you picture the orange rotating light energy in your belly, you can chant—and radiate: “I embrace life with passion, joy and happiness and a bunch of whoopee!






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