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#3. Golden-Yellowing Solar Plexus

The THIRD chakra is the SOLAR PLEXUS, located above your navel. Your power and mastery of inner self is housed here. Emotional issues such as anger, power, intellect, assertiveness, aggressiveness and self-esteem are found here. The SOLAR PLEXUS vibrates to the key of E (‘Me’ on the scale) and is associated with the color YELLOW. It is found in the pancreas and is associated with digestion.


DIFFUSE: Rosemary Essential Oil has the same frequencies and is known to help balance the Solar Plexus Chakra as well as  boosting circulatory and digestive functions.   I add 10 drops of lemon EO to my 1 ml bottle of Rosemary in the diffuser. Lemon EO has cleaning capabilities and is a very potent antioxidant.


When this chakra is balanced, we feel self-respect and self-compassion. We feel in control, assertive, confident.—-SELF LOVE AND SELF-ACCEPTANCE make a more radiant sparkling YOU!

The seven chakras, aligned vertically along your back, from the top of your head to just below the bottom of your spine are  equivalent to wave fields without particles, pure potential.   That is YOU!  Pure potential!  When the chakras are open they are like the other side of Black Holes where the energy is streaming out, not in.  You are radiating energy.

The frequency and quality of the energy flowing from each chakra is different. Each chakra has  its own type of spiritual energy, its own tuning– Spiritual energy said to be of immeasurable power, called by the Indians “Prana” and by the Chinese “Chi”, which  flow through the chakras  if they are opened or activated(read that as awareness). Technically speaking the chakras are thought to be the fields through which the energies flow, not the spiritual energies themselves. They are like doors. Certain tools and techniques may unlock them. Other tools and methods, like certain sounds, can even rattle them open a crack.  Select a “Meditation for Solar Plexus’ online and meditate  for as long as you feel like it.  Focus on your Solar Plexus and repeat the sound, “Raaaaa…mmmmmmm”
Put your hands before your stomach, slightly below your solar plexus. Let the fingers join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important to straighten the fingers.
Concentrate on the Navel chakra located on the spine, a bit above the level of the navel.
Chant the sound RAM.

As you bring your attention to yourself as Pure Awareness you may focus on the Light that you already are, and you spontaneously release what stands in the way of your experience of love and well being.
Consciousness  arises within our awareness as our masculine and feminine polarities come into balance. This Light ray is infused with Divine Wisdom and Illumination.

As you improve the energy flow here, you will develop a stronger will, a clear sense of self and will improve your ability to manifest. This is the chakra that is responsible for manifestation on all levels.  Try it.

CRYSTALS:  Peridot’s energy vibrates to the frequency of increase so it is a powerful stone to manifest anything that you wish to bring into your life.


Gold Light – is a deeper resonance of the Sunshine Yellow Ray. It draws true discrimination and peace into your being – an energetic nectar that stabilizes and nurtures your energy field. This is a good Light to bring in after you do energy work, for balancing and completion.

YOGA: Boat Pose –allowing yourself to shake and feel the burn in your core offers the opportunity to summon the inner strength to keep going and know that YOU CAN DO IT!

I am confident and worthy.

image                              image


What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~Henry Stanley Haskins

Namaste and may the power be with you,



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