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Spring Sacral Chakra Cleaning

Monday is Sacral Chakra Day and Spring is Cleaning time.

When day and night are in  balance and harmony with each other, anything we do right now to seek balance in our lives will be enhanced by this energy. Working in alignment with nature’s vibrations boosts our spiritual efforts, and this time of reawakening is ripe for clearing and balancing our chakras and energy fields. Harness this power of renewal to purge the unnecessary from your energetic closets and vacuum up any emotional residue. It’s time to spring clean your soul!

Unclog Your Pipes with Energy Healing
Our chakras are the invisible but vital energy centers that are designed to move energy between our personal field and the universal field, and, when spinning correctly and unencumbered, these chakras are the means by which we replenish our energy and maximize our health. From energy healing you’ve learned that your body is made from your energetic field, which means that what goes on in your field directly affects your body. So when your chakras are blocked, your energy flow is also blocked, and that clog will eventually cause physical symptoms that can be anything from headaches to cancer.
Think of it like this: your energy flows like water through pipes. If you have a clog somewhere in the system, all that water backs up and eventually springs a leak, damaging the pipes and the wall around it. Just like that water, your energy has to go somewhere, and keeping your chakras clear and your energy flowing is the best way to keep your body from experiencing injury or illness as a result of clogged pipes.
It’s Never Too Late To Clear Out Old Traumas With Energy Healing
So how can you keep you chakras clear? Well, clogs and blockages in your chakras are caused by traumas that aren’t fully released, emotional build-up that can be recent or twenty years old. And just as it’s never too late to tackle the places in your house like the chimney or under the couch cushions that can go years without a thorough clean-up, it’s never too late to clear out old traumas with energy healing. Every bit of work you do toward improving the flow of energy in your field and body is going to make you feel better.
There are activities that will do a general job of clearing negativity from your field, like meditation, but there are also targeted methods for balancing the sacral chakra as well as the other six.

orange Tulips

SOUNDS: Choose  Sacral Chakra healing music from YouTube or your“Miraculous Healing Music for Sacral Chakra Opening” by Meditative Mind

CRYSTALS: Orange Carnelian, Citrine, Orange Calcite, Milky Quartz, Moonstone, Amber, and Coral

AROMAS: Diffuse Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Blend of equal amounts of ylang ylang, clary sage, blue chamomile, frankincense, and neroli

or if you mixed up the Spring Woodland Blend from yesterday, that mix of essential oils (Balsam fir, Vetiver, Wintergreen and Bergamot) is quite compatible with this sacral chakra as Bergamot is the primary oils recommended to energize this chakra. 

The ‘Equinox Flower Garden’ fragrances from yesterday are also good with its Jasmine and Ylang Ylang.

Anoint the area of the Sacral chakra with 1-3 drops of the  diluted Oil or Lotion to balance your Sacral Chakra that is associated with our primal emotions and instincts, our personal creativity, and sexual desire.

SARA and Trauma Life  Blend by YoungLiving, ‘Overcome’ by RockyMountainOils with Geranium, lavender, rose, blue tansy, orange, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, and white lotus in Almond oil—are blended to apply over energy centers and areas of abuse, on navel, lower abdomen, temples, nose and Vita Flex points.

(I noticed a Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma diffuser, essential oil aromatherapy, humidifier on Amazon for $35–I don’t know anything about it but the price)

MEDITATION:   Put your hands in your lap, palms up, on top of each other. Left hand underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand. The tips of the thumbs touch gently.

Concentrate on the Sacral chakra at the sacral bone (on the lower back).

Chant the sound VAM.

Affirmation: “I am radiant, beautiful and strong and enjoy a healthy and passionate life”

As I focus on this orange light that radiates from my sacral centre, I feel radiant, alive and strong.I am able to feel all the positive emotions, I embrace them as they allow me to stand in power, I am able to feel all the negative emotions, feelings of fear, anxiousness, doubt and I truly understand what causes them, I accept them as they bring about feelings of joy, dignity and peace as they teach me lessons of growth and truth. I am at peace and I lovingly release any negatives feelings that cause me any discomfort and pain cleaning out my energy pathways.

YOGA:  Low Squat Pose

The life lesson in the second chakra involves replacing guilt with forgiveness and acceptance, especially in the areas of sexual relationships.

This low squat focuses on the pelvis and allows you to be open and receptive physically, emotionally, and energetically in order to accept yourself fully.


Affirmation:    “I accept and forgive myself.”

SEE YA LATER:  What I love about the veneration of our energy centers, nature and the Universe is the inclusivity of the practice. We do practices based on what calls and speaks to us. There is no one dictating who may join the church of nature celebrations and rituals; they are deeply personal and steeped in history. I recommend starting now; there’s no better time, with the energy of Spring upon us, for ushering in a new ritual. This is, after all, the season of renewal and rebirth.

Your second chakra governs how you experience pleasure, and a common issue for this chakra is shame. Water is cleansing and healing for this chakra, so immerse yourself in water for twenty minutes—in the ocean or a clearing bath with sea salt and baking soda.

Healing occurs in the present moment. As you deepen your ability to be present, you also develop the ability to sense your chakras and your subtle body.  Cleanse, heal, balance, sow new seeds, and regenerate with the energy of SPRING and increased sunshine.  Live and love in this moment, each moment for that is all there is.


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  1. Polly says:

    This is another amazing post! Thank you so much. I love all of the oil recipes and the yoga poses. I also love your gentle explanation about personal choice in appreciating nature. You are amazing! I love you!

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